Restorative mediation

Relationships are not always easy; things can sometimes go wrong for various reasons. This can happen in your employment relationships as well as in your private relationships. This can end in a relationship that is painful for both parties. If this involves legal consequences, a legal mediator can guide the settlement as effectively as possible.

Before that happens, there is the option of using Restorative Mediation. With the help of the EFM method (Emotionally Focused Mediation, based on the protocolled EFT method of Sue Johnson), about 70% of relationships can be restored. EFM can be used for the following issues or themes:

  • Labor disputes
  • Administrative cooperation
  • Reintregration and exit-mediation
  • Collaboration issues
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My name is Hanno Meyer and I have been working as a Work and Organizational Psychologist since 1990. I am specialized in coaching, executive management guidance, career issues, psychological mediation, assessments and issues concerning meaning and fulfillment.

My work as a coach started in 1999 and since then I have continuously developed myself in
the still new field of applied Psychology: Coaching Psychology. Coaching psychology applies psychological theories and concepts to the practice of coaching. The aim is to improve the performance and well-being of individuals, teams and organizations by using evidence-based methods that are based on scientific research.

As a coach psychologist I have a good understanding of people and organizations and I have been able to advise and guide people in almost all lines of work and all job levels; often in a search for a solution for a professional issue at an organizational, team or individual level, but just as often also for a solution to a personal development issue.

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