Tailored Assessments

Explore where your talents lie. Do you fit the set profile? What do you have to develop? An assessment is an excellent method to gain insight into your suitability or into your next development step.

  • Executive Assessment
    • Gain insight into your own behavior in relation to the Executive profile. See the alternatives and your development space. Learn to apply new behavior. Get starting points so you can further your professional and personal development. Supervision by 2 senior advisors and an experienced actor.
  • Development Assessment
    • Gain insight into what you need to develop to become better at your job and gain insight into the question of ‘What is the best way to go about that?’.
  • Career-scan
    • Gain insight into your personality, interests and capabilities in a short time.
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About me

My name is Hanno Meyer and I have been working as a Work and Organizational Psychologist since 1990. I am specialized in coaching, executive management guidance, career issues, psychological mediation, assessments and issues concerning meaning and fulfillment.

My work as a coach started in 1999 and since then I have continuously developed myself in
the still new field of applied Psychology: Coaching Psychology. Coaching psychology applies psychological theories and concepts to the practice of coaching. The aim is to improve the performance and well-being of individuals, teams and organizations by using evidence-based methods that are based on scientific research.

As a coach psychologist I have a good understanding of people and organizations and I have been able to advise and guide people in almost all lines of work and all job levels; often in a search for a solution for a professional issue at an organizational, team or individual level, but just as often also for a solution to a personal development issue.

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Hanno Meyer

Work and Organizational Psychologist